College in Baguio receives flak for mandatory pregnancy test policy for female students

A college in Baguio City is under fire due to its policy which calls for all female students to undergo a mandatory pregnancy test.

A photo of the document mandating the students of the Pines City College to undergo such test went viral on social media. The document stated that the policy is part of Pines City Colleges’ “pursuit for education and social responsibility.”

The school said that they will not allow pregnant women to enroll in courses and subjects that will “endanger both mother and child”.

Pregnant students will also be asked to file a leave of absence and come back on the next school year after giving birth.

After the news broke out, many netizens took to social media to criticize the college’s policy.

Even Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes shared his own views about the issue.

“Despite the College’s intention to protect the health of its students and their child, and to contribute in resolving teenage pregnancy in the country, this act remains to be a concrete violation of the basic right to privacy and of the Magna Carta for Women,” he wrote.

According to the actor, it is also a form of discrimination to impose “enrolment limitations and sanctions to non-compliant students” just because they are pregnant.

He added that he supports all concerned agencies who will look into the case and urged the National Youth Commission to follow suit.

It was previously reported on November 6 that the school is now under investigation after the photos drew flak online.

On behalf of the Commission on Human Rights, spokesperson and lawyer Jacqueline de Guia said in a statement: “Women and girls should not be denied exercise and full enjoyment of basic rights, they should not suffer negative consequences in educational and workspaces, simply because they are pregnant.”

Pines City College remains unfazed by the criticism and chose to stand with their policy.

“We believe it is a policy protective of our students while they are in our care and are deployed to internship programs in hospitals and to clinical practice,” the college said.


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