KNOW THE LAW: Never take photos of planes at UAE airports

The next time you will be at any airport in the UAE, avoid taking photos of planes without permission as doing so may land you in hot waters.

Under the UAE law, taking photos of restricted areas such as embassies, military buildings, palaces and courts is illegal especially when permission is not secured.

Taking photos of aircrafts can put the safety and security of passengers and employees in danger.

Violating the rule is punishable by fine of up to Dh5,000 or jail term of up to three months. The rule is not only imposed in the UAE but in other countries as well.

Those who want to take photos of aircrafts and other areas within restricted areas such as airports need to secure permit from authorities.

For instance, in 2015, three men were arrested for taking photos of aircrafts at Fujairah airport. While they said that they only wanted to take photos of rare and older aircrafts at the airport, they were sentenced to two months in prison.

Taking photos of the exterior of the aircrafts is not the only thing that is illegal in the UAE. Inside the plane, passengers have to be careful as well in taking photos and selfies.

In taking a selfie, one must ensure that all those within the frame are informed of the photo before uploading it online as taking photos of other people without their permission is illegal in the country.

Moreover, UAE law states that taking photos of other people without their permission is also a form of violating others’ privacy.


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