Gerry’s Grill: An OFW’s haven for grilled Filipino food

In the Philippines, when an occasion calls for a celebration – one of the go-to places is Gerry’s Grill, which has long been known to be a place where Pinoys hang out to enjoy memorable moments. And now, OFWs in the UAE as well as people of other nationalities can now discover why Pinoys love grilled food by Gerry’s Grill here in Dubai!

Caviar Restaurants LLC manages the franchise of Gerry’s Grill in the UAE and Managing Director Shajeer Parambath, who has been in the restaurant business for the past 4 years learned about Gerry’s Grill when he visited a branch in the region that his friend managed. “I visited the Philippines and got to experience Gerry’s Grill firsthand. While there are many other brands in the Philippines, Gerry’s Grill operates in that niche where it’s all about quality of food rather than quantity. It’s a place where you celebrate your special moments,” said Parambath.

Seeing the iconic blue marlin logo, one can’t help but wonder – will it be the same Gerry’s Grill experience you had in the Philippines? Here were our first impressions:

The Ambiance

The place in itself is very spacious and wide enough for around 180 people in full seating capacity. Customers are sure to experience authentic Filipino hospitality with a crew from Gerry’s Grill who have all been trained back in the Philippines and brought to work here in Dubai. With smiles and enthusiasm, each server is well equipped with the knowledge to suggest their best sellers and recommend the food which will best match the customer’s cravings for the day.

The Food

Gerry’s Grill is famous for their grilled meals – as their company name suggests. Each meal they serve will make you wonder how they’re able to create such delicious dishes off the grill. For seafood items, the star of the show is definitely the Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) as with every bite, you’ll get a taste of that juicy tenderness as if you caught the squid fresh from the sea.

Gerry’s Grill’s Inihaw na Manok (Grilled Chicken) also deserves a special mention with its unique take on one of the most popular dishes here in the UAE. For beef lovers, Gerry’s Grill’s signature Beef Sisig served on a sizzling plate takes OFWs’ palates back home with the right amount of spices and saltiness that will have them asking for another cup of rice.

Another dish that you shouldn’t miss is Gerry’s Grill’s Kare-Kare as with their version, you can taste the tenderness of the beef coupled with the freshness of each vegetable included in the dish. Served with Gerry’s Grill’s signature Alamang, the meal is given another layer of deliciousness once the Kare-kare and alamang are consumed with a generous portion of rice together with them.

Also, be sure to try out Gerry’s Grill’s special soy sauce that you will find in your table: The lip smacking mixture of soy sauce and various spices provide three varying layers of taste – sweet, sour, and salty which just add a whole new dimension of flavor with each dish!

The Verdict

With a spacious area and dishes that will satisfy your cravings for grilled food and other Pinoy delicacies, Gerry’s Grill will surely fire up the nostalgia of OFWs who want to have an authentic taste of Filipino Food and experience Gerry’s Grill once more, especially if they haven’t been back to the Philippines for quite a while. “Gerry’s Grill is here to serve the Filipino community. We will ensure that when you walk into our door, you will have a great dining experience,” said Parambath.

Gerry’s Grill is located at Shk. Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Karama (Opposite Centerpoint). They can be reached at Phone #: 04-883-9550

Neil Bie

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