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Project Nightfall Content creator apologizes after online backlash over video on Marcos Jr.

Project Nightfall Content creator has apologized after an online backlash over a video on Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

The apology came from Polish content creator Agon Hare of Project Nightfall over the video on Philippine elections that drew flak from Marcos’s supporters.

On May 13, Hare posted a video titled “Why the Philippines chose a dictator’s son as president?” in which people’s faces were blurred for safety purposes.

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“I made a mistake and I’d like to apologize to everyone affected by it. Especially those who have been threatened for their opinions. We wanted to give spotlight to BOTH sides, and simply allow people to speak how they feel,” he wrote in his apology on Facebook.

Project Nightfall Marcos video 2

About the title he said, “We should’ve avoided that so people actually [focused] on the video and not the ‘headline.’ I take it as a lesson moving forward.”
He said he was concerned about the interviewees’ safety.

“What I don’t think is fair though, is an INSANE amount of aggressive people who send death threats, spill to every channel, and spam total fake news all over the Internet,” he said.

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“This was simply a video that showed two sides of Filipino opinions, not mine. It sucks that now that I was pushed to remove the video fearing for people’s safety,” Hare added.

Some Filipinos in the comments told Hare to stay out of the country’s politics.

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