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Joma Sison says Isko Moreno ‘not qualified’ to become communist

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) denied its links to presidential aspirant and Manila mayor Isko Moreno. 

In a statement, chief political consultant Jose Maria Sison said that claims involving Moreno as a communist are unfair for both the Manila mayor and the Communist Party of the Philippines. 

“Let us respect Isko’s declaration that he is not a communist because in the first place he is not qualified to be one. We should look at him as a high bureaucrat capitalist dedicated to preserving the present anti-national and anti-democratic ruling system and serving the exploitative interests of foreign monopolists, big compradors and landlords, unless he becomes enlightened and proves himself otherwise,” Sison said in a statement.

Moreno denied that he is a supporter of the communist movement after his photos with Sison surfaced online. 

The Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer added that his photos with the communist leader were taken when he was asked to become an observer in the government’s peace negotiations. 

“As of now, Isko is far beyond the integrity, calibre and dignity of the great anti-imperialist patriots and democrats like Claro Mayo Recto, Lorenzo Tañada and Jose W. Diokno who upheld their patriotic and progressive principles and who did not have to attack the Communist Party to prove that they were not communists,” Sison said. 

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