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WATCH: Dubai residents rescue ‘pregnant’ cat 

The gesture by four residents of Dubai who rescued a pregnant cat stuck on the balcony of the second floor of one of the buildings in Deira Dubai has garnered praises from one and all.

Praising the act, Dubai Ruler and the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said in his tweet, “ Proud and happy to see such acts of kindness in our beautiful city. Whoever identifies these unsung heroes, please help us thank them.”

The four people saved the cat by helping the animal jump on a sheet of cloth.

Ashraf Blanza, a Moroccan national and a building guard, the cat from the balcony caught his attention at around 8 in the morning. He attempted hard to ensure that it didn’t fall on the ground and was not harmed.

Atif Mahmud Nawaz Khan, a Pakistani national and a sales representative, was among the people who helped in the rescue as he was in the same street to deliver an order at a store. He said that he was overwhelmed with a sense of pride.

Naseer Arakal Muhammad, an Indian national, and a driver, also helped out in the rescue.

Abdul Rashid Kotout, an Indian national, who made the video that drew the attention of the Vice President, said he used to feed the cat daily and noticed that it was stuck in the balcony of the building opposite the store. He said he was relieved as he could feed her again.

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