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Sharjah cracks down on abandoned vehicles

With abandoned vehicles and increasing car thefts becoming a menace, the Sharjah Police and Sharjah City Municipality have jointly launched a crackdown to seize and notify erring drivers.

Both authorities are combing the public places, residential and commercial areas, to seize abandoned vehicles that are likely to be used for illegal activities. Officials furthered that this campaign is aimed at preventing criminal activities and safeguarding Sharjah’s image, apart from strengthening preventive measures, reducing thefts, and illegal activities.

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The crackdown measures include the civic body authorities pasting a warning poster on the abandoned vehicle and confiscating it after 48 hours if left unattended.

Sharjah Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) also advised motorists that they should not leave their vehicles dirty and abandoned for a long time.

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Besides efforts to highlight this campaign on social media and other media outlets, inspectors are also responding to complaints at the call center’s emergency number 933.

Thabet Al-Tarifi, Director-General at Sharjah City Municipality reminded residents who travel abroad during summer vacations to leave their cars clean at designated private parking slots. (AW)

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