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UAE court orders sponsor to pay for visa fines of housemaid

The Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court has ordered an Arab sponsor to shoulder accumulated visa fines amounting to AED 7, 125 that their housemaid had to pay after they failed to get her a residence visa for years.

According to the court, Article 6 of the Ministerial Decree for issuing work permits stipulates that sponsors are responsible for paying out due payments and fines for the issuance and cancelation of their housemaids’ residence visa.

The recruitment agency of the housemaid, meanwhile, was not implicated in the case.

The court ruled that agencies only serve as an intermediary between house staff and sponsors. It means that getting a residence visa issued for a housemaid is the sole responsibility of the sponsor.

The sponsor also paid the housemaid AED520 for her July salary and returned her passport.

In order to sponsor a maid in the UAE, the sponsor must have a salary not less than AED 6,000 per month or a monthly salary of AED 5,000 with accommodation.

A housemaid visa can only be sponsored by the head of a family. Each country has its own regulations regarding minimum salary and age. For the Philippines, the minimum salary of a maid is set at AED and must be older than 30-year-old but not over 60.

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