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People who report their absconding maid in Dubai to get AED10,000 reward – official

An official said that residents in Dubai who will report their absconding maids to the authorities will be rewarded with AED10,000, especially if the domestic helper is proven to be working for a different employer, Gulf News reported.

In the virtual session organized by Dubai Public Prosecution and Community Development Authority, Senior Prosecutor Faysal Abdelmalik Mustafa Ahli from Dubai Public Prosecution for Naturalisation and Residency Department said many do not bother reporting their absconding helpers to the police because they do not know that they can recover part of the money they spent on the maid through the said reward.

“Many sponsors, especially Emiratis, don’t know that they can get back some money if they report their absconding maid. They can get Dh10,000 if the maid is caught working for a different sponsor,” Gulf News quoted him as saying.

Dubai Public Prosecution also noted that the amount is part of the AED50,000 fine that will be imposed on those hiring illegal helpers. It added that the sponsor could also be fined if he/she fails to report the absconding maid to the authorities, a reason it has reiterated the compensation benefits to encourage them to report.

“Many people who reported their absconding workers were surprised when we call them after catching the worker, asking them to come and collect Dh10,000 from prosecution,” Ahli added

The prosecutor also said that sponsors that 10 days to report their absconding maid to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship or via calling 8005111.

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