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WATCH: Nanny hero, selfless dad emerge from the rubble of Beirut explosion

A migrant worker saving a toddler from the force of impact of the explosion in central Beirut on Tuesday was captured on camera.

Footage of the woman shows her cleaning the veranda of her employer’s house. She was about to unplug the vacuum cleaner she was using when the blast happened.

As seen in the video, she quickly grabs the toddler playing on her background. Netizens hailed this woman as a hero for saving the child.

The video has been doing the rounds online and left people applauding the nanny’s presence of mind and heroism.

Another footage emerges on social media showing a father also protecting his son by hiding him under the table after the blast rocked their apartment.

The video shows dust falling from the ceiling of the apartment as the explosion created temblor.

According to a report by CNN, buildings as far away as 10 kilometers (6 miles) in the outskirts of Beirut have also been damaged.

The blast site was near the St. George Hospital and several government offices and landmarks.

Save The Children organization is currently deploying teams to help out locate missing children.

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