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Celebrate an extra special Dragon Boat Festival with WEMART!

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival! WEMART, our favorite one-stop-shop for all our Asian grocery needs, is excited to offer amazing promotions for this festive season.

Customers are in for a treat during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival as WEMART brings in incredible deals on a wide range of traditional Chinese snacks including Zhong Zi or traditional Chinese rice puddings, snacks, sweets, salted egg yolks, teas, and many more. These delicious treats are perfect for sharing with family and friends during this special time.

The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated in remembrance of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry, who eventually became a national hero. Most Chinese nationals observe this tradition by eating sticky dumplings, joining dragon boat races, hanging Chinese mugwort and calamus on doors, drinking realgar wine, and wearing perfume pouches.

In an interview with The Filipino Times, Ms. Hope, Assistant Operation Director at WEMART, said: “Every year, we gather with our families to eat the Zhong Zi to show our respect to one of our national heroes. We look up to him because he really loved his country, and we continue his legacy by keeping this tradition alive for the next generation.”

This year, WEMART continues to offer delectable treats during the Dragon Boat Festival that will surely satisfy your cravings. As the main highlight of this time-honored celebration, different kinds of Zhong Zi or rice dumplings await you in store:

① 御庄园蜜枣粽280g [1*1] – YZY Rice Dumplings With Sweet Jujube – Indulge in the perfect blend of sweet jujube and sticky rice, meticulously wrapped in bamboo leaves. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors that define this delightful treat. Price: 9AED.

② 御庄园白米粽280g [1*1] – YZY Rice Dumplings – Experience the simplicity of the original rice dumpling, meticulously crafted to perfection. Each bite reveals the authentic taste of tender rice and fragrant bamboo leaves. Price: 9AED.

③ 御庄园红豆粽280g [1*1] – YZY Rice Dumplings With Red Bean – Discover the harmony of flavors as smooth red bean paste meets the soft texture of sticky rice. These dumplings are a testament to the artistry of Chinese culinary traditions. Price: 9AED.

④ 御庄园鲜肉粽280g [1*1] – YZY Rice Dumplings With Meat – Delight in the savory blend of juicy meat and sticky rice, meticulously wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves. Let the succulent flavors transport you to the heart of traditional Chinese cuisine. Price: 9.5AED.

⑤ 御庄园蛋黄肉粽280g [1*1] – YZY Rice Dumplings With Egg Yolk And Meat – Experience a symphony of flavors as the luscious combination of egg yolk and tender meat fills each bite. These dumplings offer a tantalizing fusion of textures that will leave you craving for more. Price: 10.9AED.

⑥ 御庄园板栗肉粽280g [1*1] – YZY Rice Dumplings With Chestnut And Meat – Indulge in the exquisite blend of chestnut, meat, and sticky rice, meticulously handcrafted to create a harmonious balance of flavors. Let this unique combination captivate your palate. Price: 10.9AED.

So what are you waiting for? Make this year’s Dragon Boat Festival extra special by taking advantage of WEMART’s promotions. With these limited-time offers, you can experience the true meaning of this Chinese tradition with your friends and family here in the UAE.

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*Availability and prices mentioned are subject to change

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