Durant officially joins Nets, changes jersey number to 7

He’s officially wearing the Brooklyn Nets jersey #7. 

Two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant took to Instagram the latest news of his transfer by posting a photo of his new jersey hanging on a locker. 

Durant, who owns Thirty Five Ventures, explained why there was a change in his jersey’s number on its Twitter account. 

“35 took my family and me from Seat Pleasant, MD and showed us the world. 35 allowed me to meet people that I never would’ve had the chance to meet, experience things I would never have the chance to experience, and achieve things that I never would have been able to achieve. 35 allowed me to go to the University of Texas to play basketball. 35 allowed me to achieve my dream of playing in the NBA in Seattle. 35 allowed me to play basketball in Oklahoma City and form bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.” 

He then went on in saying that it also brought him to win two NBA championships and allowed him to form brotherhoods. 

However, Durant said the number 35 is his way of honoring someone. 

Although he didn’t mention any names, according to a New York Times feature published in 2017, he was referring to one of his youth coaches who was shot and killed in Maryland. Durant has worn No. 35 since he was 16. 

Durant said his new jersey number is the start of a new chapter in his basketball career. 


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