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Craving for soya milk and pudding? Check out Wa’Soy Cafeteria!

Wa’Soy Cafeteria offers soya-based, non-GMO and an all-natural menu. Located in International City, China Cluster, they provide a cozy ambiance that allows you to relax while you enjoy their healthy soya milk and delicious puddings.

Some of their must-try items are categorized under Soya Milk, Soft Served Soya Ice Cream, Soya Pudding, Taiwanese Shaved Ice, and Milk Tea. Their special menu items include the 90’s Taiwanese Old Fashion Milk Tea, Soya Latte.

Unlike other cafeteria, they make sure to use homegrown and natural ingredients, making every bottle of their soya milk product not only extremely refreshing but also gut-friendly.

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“Our milktea is 80-90s year authentic taste, it’s very strong. It’s a mix of different tea leaves and ingredients. Other milktea shop use powder or syrup to make milktea instantly. But we cook our milktea,” said Mr. Dennis Chang, owner of Wa’Soy.

Wa’Soy offers eight variety of soya milk which includes a selection between Japanese Matcha, Black Sesame, Brown Sugar and Taro.

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You can also enjoy their Taiwan-style Soya Pudding with a selection of three toppings. Pudding-lovers can choose between red bean, green bean, grass jelly, barley, taro, peanut, pudding, pearl, purple ice and almond jelly.

Soy foods are not only tasty but are known for being rich in nutrients including B vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and high-quality protein.

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You can also purchase their soya milk and milk tea bottles and have them delivered to your place by downloading their “Come Come” mobile application on Apple Store of Google Play.

Make sure to follow them on social media to be updated with their limited-time offers such as mochi, sun cakes and a lot more.

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