‘Pagod lang’: Duterte reminds Sara not to run for president citing office woes

President Rodrigo Duterte called out her daughter and current Davao City Mayor Sara to remind her not to run for president on 2022.

The president told Sara that there’s nothing she can get out of the presidency but problems and stressful situations.

“Wala ka talagang makuha diyan. Pagod lang. Punta ka doon sa bukid, kung saan-saan ka na lang,” said President Duterte during a speech for soliders in Sulu.

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President Duterte reminded her daughter that being a president is not a matter of ambition nor money, but of public service: “Sabi ko kay Inday, huwag ka mag-presidente. Unless you say something na kaya mo para gawin mo sa bayan. If it’s just a matter of ambition, lay off.”

“Trabaho mo presidente? Susmaryosep! Suweldo mo P194,000. May ibang general dito mas malaki pa sa suweldo ko, sa totoo lang,” President Duterte added.

Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque said that the president’s remarks emphasize that the office is a “thankless job” which was why Duterte discourages his daughter from seeking the highest post in the country.

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“Ayaw niya na ganyan ‘yung buhay ng kanyang anak. He is saying it’s the most thankless job in the country and he has said that consistently,” said Secretary Roque.

Sara has repeatedly denied any intention of running in the 2022 elections, even as her name has repeatedly floated as a viable presidential candidate.

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