CDA: ‘Circular' on calls, social media monitoring is fake

The Community Development Authority (CDA) has denied that they issued a circular stating that they are monitoring and recording social media communications.
The fake “circular” has logos of Government of Dubai and CDC, as well as contact numbers of the Licensing Department of CDC.
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In a statement of CDC published by Khaleej Times, it said, “The CDA calls on the public to be cautious and not to publish or exchange unreliable information and refer to the responsible sources for obtaining the correct information to avoid accountability and violate applicable legislation.”
The fake circular made the rounds on WhatsApp, as well as on social media platforms.
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Earlier, the UAE Attorney-General Dr Hamad Al Shamsi said that spreading false information about the coronavirus disease (COVID) will be penalized under the UAE Cybercrime law.
“UAE security authorities will take strict measures and harsh penalties ranging from one year to several years prison term will be handed down to rumor-mongers proportionally to the panic caused by the rumors,” Al Shamsi warned.

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