DOH: Taiwan included in travel ban due to novel coronavirus

The Department of Health clarified that Taiwan is included in the temporary travel ban imposed by the Philippines because of the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Health spokesperson Eric Domingo said Taiwan is considered by the World Health Organization as part of China.
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The country has issued a travel ban last month to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Prior to Taiwan’s inclusion, flights from China, Macau and Hong Kong were the only ones affected by the ban.
This means that Filipinos are banned from travelling to Taiwan and Filipinos, as well as permanent residency visa holders coming from the region should subject themselves to a 14-day quarantine.
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“If you look at the WHO map and the number of cases that they have, Taiwan is included in China. Since we have a temporary travel restriction and a ban on China, then Taiwan is included… It is enforced now,” Domingo said.
Filipino citizens and holders of permanent resident-visas issued by the Philippines are still allowed to enter the country.
Domingo said that Taiwan officials are asking the Philippine government to reconsider its inclusion in the ban.

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