Pinay flight attendant volunteers to be quarantined after Wuhan trip

A Filipina flight attended has volunteered herself to a quarantine at the Kalibo International Airport.
The 24 year-old Pinay has cough after her flight from Wuhan, China, the source of the coronavirus which has infected hundreds of people across the globe and killed at least nine people.
The Filipina’s case comes after the Health Department announced that they are investigating the case of a five-year-old boy from Wuhan, China who manisfested signs of an unknown coronavirus.
“The patient is no longer feverish and has less coughing and so this is a good sign of recovery but what really puzzles us is the mother did not seem to develop any symptoms whatsoever,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque said in an interview.
“Just the same, the mother is also hygienated and throat swab was done and blood samples were taken,” he added.
The agency also said that they are in “constant communication” with the World Health Organization and will abide by its guidelines on the new coronavirus.

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