Robots to deliver supermarket products in Dubai

A hi-tech product delivery service awaits Dubai.

Robots will soon deliver supermarket goods to a customer’s doorstep.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has joined forces with FedEx to develop a fleet of robotic couriers, according to online news site The National.

With the RTA aiming to alleviate traffic, it is confident the technology will work as a good delivery service.

“The FedEx robot is part of an initiative being done by many companies to cover the last mile of delivery by using autonomous pods that are cheaper and more convenient [than delivery vehicles].

If you have a residential area with a small shopping mall or super market, you will be able to buy something online and have it delivered via robot,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, chief executive of the public transport agency at the RTA.

The hi-tech project is expected to kick off in the near future with Dubai Silcon Oasis eyed as the pilot neighbourhood.

No date yet has been confirmed.

The project will be a first for the UAE. It follows other companies in the US that have trialled delivery robots.

Dubai Authorities are also looking at another option which is air delivery by drones to reduce pollution.

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