Man sentenced to death for raping, burying another man in Dubai desert

A man was sentenced to death for raping, killing, and burying a compatriot to death in a desert in Dubai, the Dubai Court of Instance ruled on Tuesday, October 30.

The court has handed down the sentence even if the convict remains at large.

Meanwhile, his 21-year-old accomplice will spend 10 years in jail for murdering the victim and additional one year for theft. He will also be deported after serving his jailterm.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the convicted man blamed the victim for the circulation of photos of his family members among their co-workers.

Together with the accomplice, he invited the victim to his residence in Jebel Ali. Then, the two drove the victim to a remote area.

Before the court, the 21-year-old defendant said: “He was angry and screaming at the man accusing him of defaming him.”

“He raped him then asked me to hand him a rope from the car,” he added.

The main perpetrator stuffed the victim’s mouth with sand, before burying him in the sand.



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