Filipino nurses’ case vs. human traffickers in US to proceed as class action suit

The human trafficking cases filed by some 200 Filipino nurses against a nursing home group in the United States will proceed as a class action suit, a federal judge in New York ordered.

US District Judge Nina Gershon of the Eastern District of New York ordered that the case be considered as a class action suit thus covering all Filipino nurses who allegedly fell victims to human trafficking scheme by a nursing home group since December 23, 2008, reported GMA News.

The case was filed against SentosaCare network alleging the nursing home group of “abusive legal actions” to force the nurses to work with less prevailing wages.

The complaint, filed by Rose Ann Paguirigan, stated that Sentosa group of nursing homes promised that it would pay more than 200 Filipino nurses the prevailing wage “as of the commencement date” of their employment in New York. In Paguiguiran’s case, she was promised to receive an hourly rate of $29 per hour.

Upon arrival in US, however, Sentosa only paid the prevailing wage “as of the date the nurses’ visa applications were first submitted.”

“[The decision of the court] is a victory for all the nurses who work so hard to take care of our loved ones,” said Lawyer John Howley, counsel for Paguirigan.

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