Netizens react to Emmy’s Filipino nurse joke

Overseas Filipino workers who are nurses in the United States were a side topic during the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards because of a remark of one of its hosts.

Emmy Awards Host Michael Che made a joke to his co-host Colin Jost about the lack of representation of Filipinos on television.

‘As we all know, TV has always had a diversity problem. I mean, can you believe that they did 15 seasons of ER without one Filipino nurse? Have you been to a hospital?’ teased Che.

Many netizens were able to relate to the comedian’s remark. Here are a few of them:

Some netizens also pointed out how Filipinos are preferable employees because of their hard work and professionalism.

Another claimed that he had auditioned for the TV series but failed to snatch a role.

According to recorded data, 7,791 Filipinos have taken the nursing licensure exam in the US in 2017. It was also noted that no Filipino had to take the exam twice.


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