Trillanes says Duterte may be obsessed with him

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV accused President Rodrigo Duterte of being obsessed with him following the president’s one-on-one interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo where the senator’s name was mentioned multiple times.

In a press briefing, Trillanes said his name was mentioned “more than 100 times” making him believe that the president was obsessed with him.

“Siguro habang natutulog ito napapanaginipan ako eh,” Trillanes said.

The senator continued by saying that he is happy if the president is dreaming about him as he would give him “nightmares”.

“Buti naman. Sana magkaroon ka ng nightmares because of me because I will not go away,” Trillanes said.

Earlier, Duterte ordered the revocation of amnesty of Trillanes, one of his biggest critics.

Proclamation 572 dated August 31, 2018 mentioned that the senator did not file an Official Amnesty Application Form as per certification issued by Lt. Col. Thea Joan Andrade, stating that “there is no copy of his (Trillanes) application for amnesty in the records” and that the senator “never expressed his guilt for the crimes that were committed on the occasion of the Oakwood Mutiny and the Manila Peninsula Siege.”

It was also stated in the proclamation that: “The grant of amnesty [given] to Trillanes under Proclamation No. 75 is declared void ab initio because he did not comply with the minimum requirements to qualify under the amnesty proclamation.”

For his part, Trillanes said that he is not afraid of Duterte and assured that he will not escape his possible arrest following the revocation.


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