NAIA airport screener admits to stealing money from passenger’s bag

One of the airport personnels accused of stealing $2,600 (Php140,000) from a passenger’s bag at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 admitted to committing theft.

Reinielle G. Alvarez, who works as an airport screener checking the luggage of all passengers, made the admission after the Airport Police Intelligence and Investigation Division showed CCTV footages of him and fellow screener Nievel Gorpe taking cash from the bag of Taiwanese national Cheng Chun Shu on August 30, reported ABS-CBN.

A $100 bill (Php5,300) was also recovered from Alvarez’ belongings.

Gorpe, however, maintains his innocence despite evidence presented before him and Alvarez’ admission.

Inspector Roderick Mejia said that Alvarez’ admission will be used as additional evidence when charges are filed against the two airport personnels.

The Office for Transportation Security, meanwhile, has suspended all airport screeners during the shift while investigation is still ongoing.

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