VIRAL: Passenger in NAIA experiences “bukas bagahe”

Instead of having a peaceful vacation, a Filipina passenger was enraged when she received her two luggage partially unzipped and damaged at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1.

“May nawala man or wala, di ka matutuwa na ganyan ang bagahe mong lalabas, dalawa wasak!” the Filipina said.

In a series of video clips uploaded by Ruschell Yamaguchi on August 6, she is heard swearing about her damaged luggage. The zipper’s chain is undone but the closing heads are still locked together. Yamaguchi finds it strange and believes that what happened to her luggage is not an accident.

“Ano kasalanan ng baggage na damaged siya?” Ruschell asks an airport officer.

“Iimbestigahan po naming kung ano pong nangyari,” the officer answered.

She said that it does not matter whether she lost valuable items inside the luggage, but their system should protect the luggage.

“Nakalock sir, eto lang bukas, taas? Kahit may nawala o hindi dyan hindi dapat ganyan ‘yan,” she is heard in the video.

The Filipina refused to specify which items had lost but she told The Filipino Times that she already filed a damaged property report to the airlines.

Yamaguchi claimed that her luggage weighed 23 kilograms when she checked in, but weighed two kilograms lighter when it was returned to her.

Asked about the contents of her luggage, Yamaguchi said: “Mga pasalubong. ‘Yung pera, hindi nakuha at mga importanteng bagay kasi di nabuksan ng todo.”

She said that the luggage which had a big crack on the side is understandable if it was thrown around but the unzipped bag would be harder to explain. She even demonstrated in a separate video how a ballpoint pen cannot just simply undo a zipper chain.

The OFW is also demanding that her damaged luggage be replaced by whoever was responsible.

“Dapat palitan nila mga yan. Ano, magagamit ko pa ba yan?” she told the TFT.


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