WATCH: App connects OFWs to embassies, consulates for emergencies

A mobile application which aims to help overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to have easier contact to Philippine embassies, consulates, and other government agencies has been proposed to help OFWs in emergency situations.

EICA Atelier aims to develop a “sumbungan” application for OFWs called Perlas App, reported GMA News.

Through the application, OFWs can talk to call center agents who will then immediately report the inquiry or incident to the nearest embassy or consulate..

“Although the app is instantaneously processed to the embassy, it will be on the PH embassies’ part on how fast they can send help,” EICA said.

“Right now, the chances of an OFW to survive an attack is close to none. With that app, it greatly reduces it to 50%,” the developers said.

EICA added that the application will help minimize cases of abuse overseas since employers will be aware that OFWs can easily seek help from government agencies.

Company founder Aldelm John Ferriols said that a team of call center agents with experience on handling OFW cases will be the ones to accept the calls. The company is also proposing for manpower agencies to pay for the service to make it free.

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