Uncle Roger approves Gordon Ramsay’s nasi goreng; Gordon responds

Photo credit: Uncle Roger's YouTube

Vlogger Nigel Ng, popularly known on social media as Uncle Roger, has stamped a seal of approval to the nasi goreng dish of Gordon Ramsay.

The influencer, who got viral recently due to his negative review of food expert Hersha Patel’s fried rice video, had nothing but praise for Gordon Ramsay’s Indonesian fried rice—even bestowing him the title of “Uncle,” and calling the dish “Fuiyoh”—the slang Malaysians and Malay Singaporeans use to show admiration for someone, according to Asia One.

In the video, Uncle Roger said Ramsay did everything right in cooking nasi goreng, including using leftover rice, fresh chili, galangal, sambal, rendang paste, and two woks, as well as cooking outdoors.

Ramsey responded on the comments section of Uncle Roger’s review vlog, saying “Happy you approve, Roger!”

Photo credit: Uncle Roger’s YouTube

The Asian vlogger also tweeted the chef regarding the review, saying he loves his fried rice video. Ramsay retweeted his tweet, saying “Two woks because I stole @jamieoliver’s after I saw him put chilli jam in his rice!!!”

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