Eat and dance the night away at Flirt Lounge and Club

One of the most popular places for Filipinos to mingle are bars since it houses everything that Filipinos love: food, karaoke, a dance floor, and lots of people of different nationalities to mingle with. Flirt Lounge and Club brings this combination of Filipino fun to Ajman to fire up the night life of Filipinos from the northern emirates and beyond.


As you enter Flirt Lounge and Club, you’ll see scores of people grooving on the dance floor as they dance to the beats of the DJs on the set. With a 200-seating capacity, there’s plenty of room for everyone whether you’d like to find someone to talk to or perhaps just enjoy a few drinks alone – but who goes to be alone on a bar, right?

If you don’t see the DJs on set, there would most likely be a band performing live on stage to sing popular tunes that will make you dance or serenades that will make you remember your loved one back at home. In addition, there’s a VIP lounge as well as a separate Karaoke room for those who want to belt some songs out. Their courteous and helpful staff also provides their recommendations for first timers in the bar.

The Food:

Most people who go to a bar end up eating lots of finger food – and that’s exactly what Flirt Lounge and Club offers. They have several pica-pica items to choose from such as Calamares, Chicken Fingers, BBQ Ribs, Fried Shrimps, Lumpiang Shanghai, Jalapeños, Fries – you name it, they might just have it!

Each of the fried snack selections such as the Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Fingers, Calamares and Fried Shrimps have a crispy crunch to every bite with a slight tinge of saltiness while the meat at the center is kept very tender and oozing with rich flavor. Each fried delectable is also served with its own sauce.

For those who are searching for something heavier, Flirt Lounge and Club also offers wraps, pizza, and nachos – each of which have their very own unique twist when it comes to their flavors. For those who choose to eat healthy, they also serve fresh fruit selections dependent on the season.

We were also served a few of their signature drinks – each of which just had the right mix of juices and alcohol content to give you that courage to show your moves on the dance floor if you’re one of those who usually shy away from the crowd.

The Verdict:

With an amazing combination of upbeat vibes, delicious food, Flirt Lounge and Club is shaping up to be a must-visit club in Ajman. Filipinos as well as other nationalities who live in the northern emirates and the UAE should mark this place as a place to chill, hang out, and dance the night away! Flirt Lounge and Club is located at the Radisson Blu in Ajman.

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