UAE-based Filipino traveler who circumnavigated the world shares wanderlust journey

Let us all admit, the Philippine passport is not as flexible as those from Western countries. Some of the most famous countries need visas prior to arrival, and application for that alone can discourage many Filipino aspiring travelers.

However, Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Andie Andros, a planning engineer who has been living in the UAE for over three years, has shown that wanderlust knows no boundaries. Having armed himself with enough passion and knowledge around the ins and outs of traveling, he was able to circumnavigate the world, setting foot in seven continents and pedaling along the scenic spots of the world’s most remote islands. And yes, he made it all work with a Philippine passport.
“I want every Filipino with a Philippine passport to know while our passport is not ideal for mainstream backpacking, it is possible to visit the world’s most awesome places. This is why in my blog, I constantly give advice on how to travel despite the visa restrictions,” he said.
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Andros began to quench his thirst for adventure prior to completing his master’s degree in Engineering. As a way to kill boredom, he began to plan his first solo trip alone.
“I was scared to do this alone at first, but I thought ‘why not accept the challenge?’ I want to feel the world while it’s there,” he said.
Thus, his series of backpacking adventures began, traveling region by region, and then, continent by continent—his itchy feet reaching as far as Antarctica.
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Even when he moved to the UAE, he still continued exploring new places. Before he knew it, he has already reached 100 countries.
His wildest feat in travel, however, was when he circumnavigated the world. He went from the UAE to the westernmost part of the world such as Uruguay, Chile, Alaska, and US, and traversed to the East via the Philippines.
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While the challenge can be daunting, Andros said it’s incredibly doable once you book flights and set your itinerary away ahead of the trip.
“My favorite part of the trip was biking alone and hiking the scenic spots of Easter Island, Chile. I love biking with nature, and I truly enjoyed hiking the beautiful mountains of Easter Island,” he said.
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Andros said that while the world continues to stand still due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), he said he still tries to inspire his readers for a better future through sharing his journeys, as well as providing backpacking tips.
“When the crisis is over, I hope you follow your passion and where your happiness lies. Live a life to inspire, live a life with a sense of accomplishment, live a life you will remember,” he said.

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