Top April Fools’ pranks by companies this 2019

April Fools’ day brings out the creativity of individuals from all around the world when it comes to pulling pranks. Companies joined in the fun and got creative this year too! Here are a few of the pranks they tried pull on their customers this year:


Emirates posted about their latest self-driving drones that will travel within Dubai starting April 2020.

Dunkin Donuts

One of the Philippines’ biggest donut franchises posted that their beloved Choco Butternut will be phased out due to a Butternut shortage. Oh no!


Nikon posted a maze that offers free Nikon Z6 cameras to those who can get to the center of the maze. Do you see any routes leading to the center?


Asus recently posted their latest ‘VivoBook’ – something that works with every kind of pen, has unlimited battery, portable, and can be folded!


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