Savor Sushi straight from Japan’s finest at Sushi Your Way

Sushi has long been a favorite for Filipinos, even if its origins hail all the way from the kitchens of Japan. For those who have actually been to the land of the rising sun, it takes a keen sense of taste to easily discern if the sushi was really made by an authentic Japanese chef.

With two branches located at Electra and at Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi, Sushi Your Way is a place where diners can enjoy a variety of authentic Japanese dishes created in a way that’s not just fast food, it’s healthy fast food – as per Sushi Your Way COO Kazuhito Yoshimoto.

Kazuhito Yoshimoto COO Sushi Your Way
“Other Japanese restaurants in UAE have luxury and expensive sushi. But, original sushi in Japan was fast food. It should not be luxury. To let more customers enjoy Japanese food, our sushi achieved both affordable & high quality. In addition, the most of the Japanese restaurants in UAE serve “American” Japanese food. Our sushi is more Japanese style. All recipes were made by Japanese chef,” said Kazuhito.

Kazuhito, who himself hails from Kyoto, Japan brought the authentic taste of Japan’s finest sushi to the Abu Dhabi shores for both Filipinos and expats of other nationalities to have a taste of the real sushi from Japan.


Best sellers

The COO of Sushi Your Way shares that most of their diners opt for their Sushi Japan, Sushi Teriyaki Chicken, Matcha frappe-tea-no as these menu items really bring out the flavors of Japan: “Our menu is filled with selections of authentic Japanese food, affordable, taste, and size. Our sushi can be served even for non-fish lovers because our customers can select whatever they want in Sushi.”

With their Sushi selections starting from Dh 12, an authentic Ramen experience from Dh 28 as well as high quality Matcha exported directly from Kyoto, Sushi Your Way is a must-go-to place to fulfill your cravings for Japanese dishes. “Try our sushi. I, as a Japanese owner, promise the taste! Even if you are not fish lovers, no problem! You can make your own sushi in your way!,” said Kazuhito.


Sushi Your Way has two locations in Abu Dhabi: Electra Branch (between Lulu Express and Holiday Inn Electra Street.) and at Al Wahdah Mall Branch, Gourmet Express (Food Court Extension) 3rd Floor. Abu Dhabi.

Their branches are also available for delivery and can be contacted at 02-6741123 and/or at 050-301-1218

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