POEA: Foreign workers hired in Japan to earn at least Php50,000 monthly

Amid Japan’s plan to hire thousands of foreign workers to address the country’s problem in labor shortage, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said that hired workers there could earn Php50,000 monthly or more depending on the job.

POEA deputy administrator Jocelyn Sanchez said that the numbers could still increase as they are only estimate salaries for construction and hotel workers, reported GMA News.

Other sectors in need of workers include nursing and healthcare, agriculture, manufacture of food and beverages, machine parts and tooling, industrial machinery, fishery and aquaculture, electric, electronics and information, and aviation industry, among others.

Sanchez, however, clarified that the job openings in Japan are not solely for Filipino workers but for all foreign workers.

Earlier, POEA said that the Philippine and Japanese governments met to discuss the specified skilled worker visa, which will be introduced in the eastern Asia country to encourage more workers to transfer to Japan amid the labor shortage.

Under the new system, workers are categorized into two depending on their skills and line of work:
Workers can be given a five-year contract;
Workers can be issued a contract valid for more than five years allowing them to bring their family to the country and apply for an immigrant visa

Workers are required to pass a language proficiency exam and a skills test.

Japan expects 47,550 foreign workers to enter the country in the first year of implementation of the new system and 345,150 workers in the next five years. The bill is expected to be implemented in April 2019.

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