Filipina wins case vs. man who tried to kidnap her in Dubai

The Arab man who attempted to kidnap a Filipina supervisor by pretending to be a police officer was sentenced to deportation after serving six months in prison.

According to the prosecution, the victim was waiting for her friend near a prayer house in Al Rashidiya when the Arab man passed by and told her to follow him.

When she refused, the man dragged her toward his car, telling her that he is a cop. The kidnapper decided to leave the supervisor alone when he spotted other residents in the area.

The Filipina ran away but little did she know that she was running towards the direction of the kidnapper’s car.

The man saw her and chased after her.

When the commotion between them was noticed by a resident, the man stopped and attempted to speed away.

The Filipina took photos of his plate number, but she was strangled by the man. He also removed his plate number then escaped.

Following his arrest, the Arab man denied attempting to kidnap the woman and posing as a cop.

The accused may still appeal his case.

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