Busted: Maid steals gold jewelry, sells it on Instagram

An Asian maid (nationality withheld by UAE authorities) was caught stealing gold jewelry from her employer in Abu Dhabi after she attempted to sell the items on her social media account.

According to the maid’s employer, the Asian maid returned to her home country after her contract with them ended, reported Ittihad.

Upon hiring a new maid, the employer discovered that her gold jewelries are missing and initially blamed the new maid.

However, it was only discovered that the Asian maid took the jewelry when they saw a photo posted by the old maid on her Instagram account.

In the photo, the maid is seen wearing the jewelry. The post also shows the woman asking people to contact her if they want to buy the jewelry.

The employer immediately submitted the evidences to an Abu Dhabi court.

The case is currently under investigation.

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