Growl with the tag yellow: Grab and eat the Yellow Cab’s full meal show

Who doesn’t want to grab a full meal when hungry stomach gurgles, hearing the sounds of “ggroouuwhlll” after passing the streets full of food, or imagining our favorite meals waiting for us? These usual cracks of the folks wont happen anymore, as your most favorite Yellow Cab’s full powerhouse meals will surely stop your mouth waters once grab and taste the most unforgettable food they hotly offer, made especially for you.

Yellow Cab’s Al Karama Branch found at the heart of Dubai, UAE situated opposite to Burjuman Center is home to vibrant food offers that naturally radiate to everyone.

The meals that make someone forget his name after eating are part of its daily food offers that surely overflows in the table when the crew already comes in.

If you’re waiting on what hours Yellow Cab’s Al Karama Branch usually open, don’t miss the chance of visiting the entity from 9AM to 1AM during weekdays, and from 9AM to 2AM on weekends to gather all the kinds of spices you’ll discover from the food it offers once you taste all of them.

Crazy enough to know what’s on the line? We’ll give you a sneak peek on what you need to know more about the taste of your most favorite Yellow Cab’s food. Most probably, you’ll visit soon.

Comfy moody

Entering the store will not make you feel aloof, as waiters would officially greet you once they heard the slashes of glass doors. Cool block that stirs over the smooth atmosphere will immediately give a matter of relaxation while waiting for the food.

Well, aside from the food that it offers, the comfort room also has clean and good breeze, that will give you another energy after eating and saving the stomach from the battle of delight.

And wait there’s more. Of course who would not want the Wi-Fi connection at any place? Yellow Cab’s internet connection will absolutely give you another satisfying crave of internet surfing, posting your most “instagrammable” pizza photo you took while it’s hot, hhmmm!!

Fueling the hungry

Of course the set of the best food that it offers would surely deliver you to the moon after tasting and knowing how well the meals are. Surely, you won’t even feel bothered after tasting the powerhouse meals that ooze from the plate. Well of course, there’s no particular order on the alignment of food we’ll talk about. It’s just a matter of recall, huh!

The first food to discuss is the Parmesan wings. Wow! If you’re an avid fan of cheese that tops any food, this chicken wings with parmesan would definitely drives you and makes you feel “god am I in heaven?” once tasted the salty bit pieces of cheese that naturally laps in your mouth.

Next in line is the Charlie Chan. Curious about the name? Well, Charlie Chan is a combination of American name “Charlie” and Asian’s “Chan”- fusion of western and orientals in terms of tastes. This pasta contains chicken dipped into all of your favorite spices mixed with nuts that cracks in your mouth. “Great” now pasta has a unique taste.

Texture of fresh-oven baked lasagna, which is our third in line, means so much. Once fork slices it, the cheese can be found. Amazed on what typical lasagna tastes? Well, this newest offer can’t bring you down and will immediately calls your attention once eaten, until you say, “oops, I’m full but wait, it’s so good!”

Craving of pizzas? Well, Yellow Cab’s “New York finest” has unforgettable remark since the spices and ingredients you usually expect can be found here. From bell pepper, to cheese, to beef- everything is here that you’ll surely love. Oh wait, don’t forget the drinks while eating these pizzas! I know you’ll feel satisfied in advance after tasting its delicious taste with very fine texture and bread. Oh, no crust, remember!

“Dear Darla” is a different thing! This rolled pizza would bring you to another level of expectations. If you’re fond of eating vegetables, well filled it then rolled it, then taste it. Well, of course that taste would matter after you experience the combinations. “Dear Darla, why you’re so good, huh!?

We’ve started with chicken; let’s end the game with chicken. Well, “hot wings” is a deep-fried chicken wings with of course spicy-touch that looses all of its spice once landed to your tongue. Who would forget the best of spicy thingy covered on chicken wings? Yellow Cab’s will bring you to the best kind of spicy taste on this chicken.

So why wait so long if all of this powerhouse meal would definitely give you the maximum level of satisfaction especially this summer season? Don’t just try, do it! Visit Yellow Cab Al Karama Branch. They fuel the hungry with hashtag “so worth it.”

All photos courtesy of Stanley Gajete

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