WATCH: Filipina reminds countrymen in UAE to be wary of online scams

A Filipina, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police, has reminded her fellow expats working in the UAE to be vigilant against online scams.

On its Instagram account, the Abu Dhabi police uploaded a video of a Filipina who was victimized by a scam.

The Filipina said that she received calls from people asking for her bank details, such as her card number and PIN code.

After disclosing such details, she found out that she lost Dh4000 from her bank account.

She then immediately reported the incident to the police.

Such scams deceive oblivious targets by taking their personal information and bank details after offering fake cash prizes.

The Abu Dhabi police has started releasing announcements, advisories, and messages in the Filipino language as part of its latest move to communicate with the UAE’s diverse community about its services and activities via social media platforms.

ADP currently disperses information in other languages including Arabic, English, French and Urdu.

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