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Mga murang panregalo ngayong kapaskuhan

DUBAI: The Christmas season for Filipinos nears its most festive celebrations! A few days more and all Filipinos, from the Philippines and all over the world, will be enjoying the most wonderful time of the year together with their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and more.

And while there are Filipino expats who can afford to travel for the holidays, a vast majority will be spending their Christmas away from their families. This is why most of them prefer to send home balikbayan boxes earlier on and which filled with their ‘pamaskos’ for their children, parents, siblings, relatives and those people closest to their hearts. There is also the option to send through air cargo, which takes seven days for the package to reach your loved one.

The UAE, as a hub for global brands, provides an opportunity for Filipino expats to shop for their favorite gift items at prices they can afford. The Filipino Times came up with a list of what Filipinos buy the most during the festive season and suggests where they can get them at affordable prices.


Topping it up is a favorite of both kids and adults – chocolates! A delectable treat bought at any time of the year, a majority of Filipino expats sending balikbayan boxes would almost always have at least one bag of chocolates included in their package. The best deals for chocolates at outlets such as Carrefour and West Zone.

Gadgets and electronics

The UAE is also home to major brands of gadgets and electronics – and at rock bottom prices too! Gadget lovers can get their latest Huawei and Samsung mobile phones, laptops, Toshiba headsets and gaming gear, gaming consoles, and more in package deals at stores like Sharaf DG and Jacky’s Electronics.


Despite today’s digital age, many kids still love the idea of getting a chance to play with action figures, dolls, educational items, as a way to help them develop their creativity and imagination.  Different kinds of toys in all shapes and sizes are available at Daiso and also in Carrefour’s Hypermarket.

Shoes and bags

‘Ninong, size 10! Ninang, size 6!’ – a request all too familiar with OFWs no matter what month it is. Your loved ones back home already have the idea that several of the world’s exclusive releases for shoes, bags as well as other sports gear are launched here in the UAE. And with stores such as Sun & Sand Sports, Under Armour, Herschel, Birkenstock, Zara, H&M and Nine West, New Balance, R&B, Crocs, Skechers, Cath Kidston, Call it Spring to name a few, Filipinos can easily get the item they’re looking for as they stay within budget.


For Filipinos heading home and even for those staying here in the UAE, one of the best gifts you can give especially for your mom, sister, your wife or your close female friend is to adorn them with gorgeous pieces of jewelry. If you have been saving your money the whole year for this occasion, now would be the best time to buy your jewelry as shops like Pandora, Al-Futtaim Watches and Jewellery, Malabar, Jewel Corner,  Joyalukas, Karat World to name few options that are sure to hold special deals exclusive for the Christmas season.

While it’s tempting to splurge your hardearned money this Christmas, Filipino expats should also bear in mind that it’s better to always have money stashed in your savings as you end the year and prepare for the New Year in just a few weeks’ time. This way, you’ll usher in both Christmas and the New Year with a celebration of life, joy, and happiness without having to worry much about your financial obligations.

Neil Bie

Neil Bie is the Assistant Editor for The Filipino Times, responsible for gathering news that will resonate among OFW readers in the UAE, Philippines, and around 200 countries, where the platform reaches both Filipinos and worldwide audiences. ||| Get in touch with Neil at: Facebook: Neil Bie ||| Email: [email protected]||| or by sending a message to the Facebook page of The Filipino Times at:

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