Duterte does not have cancer, acting interior minister says

President Rodrigo Duterte does not have cancer, the acting interior minister revealed on Tuesday, October 9, following the release of the results of the president’s medical tests.

Eduardo Año told reporters that Duterte personally announced his health status during a cabinet meeting on Monday, October 8.

“He disclosed to us that the result of the test was negative, the one where they took samples from his intestines,” Año said.

Last week Duterte confirmed that he visited Cardinal Santos Medical Center on October 3 where doctors took samples from his digestive tracts to conduct unspecified medical tests on him. He added that the tests were a follow-up to the endoscopy and colonoscopy tests previously conducted on him.

When asked about his health, Duterte blatantly said that he would tell the public if he has cancer. “I don’t know where I’m now physically but I have to wait for that. But I will tell you if it’s cancer, it’s cancer,” said the President.

This response caused an uproar among the opposition and other politicians demanding Duterte’s full disclosure on his health condition.

The Philippine Constitution states that the public must be made aware of the president’s health.

This was not the first time that speculations on the health of the president circulated. Last year, Duterte’s absence in public events led many to speculate that he is sick. His allies, however, were quick to quash the speculations.

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