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Common denominator among Filipino billionaires

What could Filipino billionaires Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, and John Gokongwei Jr. have in common?

Financial books and life coaches usually attribute success of billionaires with characteristics like having an exceptional business mind, communication skills, and financial management.

Some say that luck, rather than self-made, can propel people to success.

However, a study made by GoCompare on the top 100 billionaires in the world for the last 20 years shows that billionaires have common denominators beyond business strategies.

Entrepreneur Philippines made a list of six unlikely characteristics that billionaires have. Here are our top picks from their the list:

  1. Family is important

Statistics show that 87% of billionaires are married while 63% have three or more children including Tan with four children and Gokongwei with six children. Practically speaking, having a large family could hurt your chances of saving bigger amount of money. However, one should never forget that having a support system could be helpful especially in times of dealing stress in business.

  1. Education is still a great step

Bill Gates, the world’s richest person in the world, is a dropout and Mark Zuckerberg, the once-proclaimed youngest billionaire in the world, is also a dropout. Despite 14% of billionaires did not get their degree, it doesn’t mean that education is only for average dreamers.


Most billionaires went to famous Ivy League institutions like Harvard University and Standford University like Eduardo Saverin, David Rockefeller Sr, and even Gokongwei.

On the other hand, Sy and Tan were products of Far Eastern University.

  1. Lucky zodiac signs

It may lack scientific basis but studies show that there are certain zodiac signs that are mostly link to more successful people. If one is an Aquarius, it is more likely that become billionaire as 12.5% of top billionaires are part of this zodiac sign. According to horoscopes and astrology, Aquarius people are independent and inventive, the traits that are useful to businessmen.

Studies also shown that Cancer people has the least probability of being a billionaire since only 5.9% of billionaires belong to that zodiac sign. Astrologists said that Cancerians are tenacious yet insecure.

4. Baldness and glasses

Losing your hair and your eyesight? Billionaires also experience the same thing like Sy, Gokongwei, and Tan.

For the last two decades, balding billionaires have risen maybe because they are already aging. Currently, 41% of the 100 richest billionaires wear glasses. It is still weird to think that they are not going for a laser eye surgery.

In the Philippines, there are 21 Filipino billionaires, according to the latest reports by Forbes Magazine.

Studies show that a country’s culture regarding money could affect the way they live, save money, and do business transactions. Some of the ideas may sound far-fetched but maybe these steps are the keys to success.

Source: Entrepreneur Philippines

Photo credit: Philippine Star

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