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NOW OPEN: Newest West Zone branch in Deira now open with big discounts, new promos

West Zone has officially opened its 133rd branch at Deira, with tons of exciting products on sale and other promotions that Filipino shoppers will enjoy.

Filipino shoppers who visit West Zone’s 133rd branch can take advantage of the well-known ‘WOW Deals’. Special offers currently available to West Zone shoppers include big discounts on rice, eggs, frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, detergent and laundry powder, household items, and more.

Located at the RTA Parking facility, next to the Baniyas Square Metro Station and across the street from Jacky’s Electronics, West Zone’s newest branch keeps up with Deira’s huge and growing demand for goods and other supermarket items from the Philippines for the past decade.

Its newest location at the heart of Dubai is West Zone’s answer to give Filipinos and other residents a supermarket that’s closer to where many Filipinos live, giving the convenience of access to thousands of Filipino products that West Zone has on sale.

Since its opening on May 5, West Zone’s newest branch in Deira has welcomed thousands of Filipinos who live nearby the Nasser Square area who continue to buy products that the supermarket has brought from the Philippines.

As a result, West Zone links the experience between the Philippines and the UAE for many Filipinos, allowing them to enjoy things familiar to them right here in the country.

Stay updated with West Zone on their social media as they will soon be opening more branches this 2021!

Instagram: @westzonesupermarket
Twitter: @WestZoneUAE

Shoppers can also get updates through WhatsApp by sending ‘addme’ to 056 403 8008.

They can also reach West Zone to get the latest promotions and WOW deals through their App available on the Apple App Store or Google Play on Android: West Zone Supermarkets

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