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OFW skilled workers to get headstart in fulfilling UK migration dream with IANS Group

Magdy Al Sheikh, Managing Director and Partner at IANS Group

A survey in 2015 puts the UAE in the top four work destinations of OFWs. But with the pandemic hitting closer to Filipino homes, the number of OFWs seeking permanence in migration, which they can obtain by migrating to countries that offer residency or citizenship, remains relatively significant.

One of the countries that have recently opened its gates to expats, including tens to thousands of OFWs, is the United Kingdom. Following Brexit and the pandemic, the demand to fill staffing shortage across UK’s diverse sectors—healthcare, engineering and hospitality industries, included—has surged.

Under UK’s current migration rules and regulations, accountants, marketing executives, salespeople, creative sectors, and even businesses can expand their services in the UK. This, along with the opportunity to apply for permanent residency, now makes the UK the dream destination of many Filipinos seeking advancement, not just career, but business-wise.

In terms of UK migration, the Immigration and Nationality Services Ltd (IANS Group) is one of the most prominent and trusted services that help OFWs in the UAE fly to the United Kingdom. Founded in 2010, IANS Group has a decade of experience in bringing Filipino nurses, senior carers, engineers, and other skilled workers to the UK. Playing by figures, 400 overseas workers are already in the UK, while 300 more are UK-bound, all through IANS’ all-in-one training, recruitment, and migration services.

So how does IANS Group work? Their expert team connects UK-based sponsors to expats, which mainly include Filipino nurses, senior carers, engineers, chefs, and front-desk staff. Over the years, IANS has tailored a safe, effective pathway to help in the deployment of nurses within 4-6 weeks, thereby bridging the gap between the growing demand of the UK’s healthcare workforce, and most especially, helping fulfill the dreams to reach and begin working in a new country with the promise of obtaining citizenship among OFWs.

Open to all expats around the globe, IANS Group provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are open to diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Don’t meet the requirements? IANS will help you become eligible. Feel like you’re too old to set new goals? IANS will show you otherwise. Want to migrate to the UK with your family? IANS will show you how that’s possible! No matter the challenges, IANS doesn’t turn away candidates. They simplify complex processes, and they’re not just all talk—and for sure, their 700+ expats would agree.

IANS Group in Dubai was formed by two partners, Magdy Al Sheikh and Ian Refugio, who both have a heart for helping expats reach their goals to land in the UK with a stable job.

Magdy Al Sheikh serves as the Managing Director and Partner who brings with him more than two decades of experience in the UAE in hospitality and customer engagement. He is best known as a problem-solver, especially in his experience with Dubai Duty Free’s marketing team. In IANS Group, he provides strategic guidance to assure that the company achieves its long-term vision – which is to be the bridge that connects people with opportunities in the UK to realize their dreams.

Ian Refugio serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the IANS Group who has 22 years of experience under his belt in the field of international recuitment and immigration. They call him the magicIAN because his approach and methodologies are always outside the box. Nothing stops him from meeting his goals and this is the very core of IANS Group.  Drawing from his rich legal expertise and experience around UK immigration rules, he can guarantee success to any move to the UK under any category.

Your future begins today

How does IANS operate and what sets them apart? The answer is simple: they have fast and seamless services under one roof that no other agency can provide, or even brag about.

To help Filipino nurses begin their next steps towards UK, IANS Group will be holding a one-day-only hybrid skilled worker event this coming September 24, 2021 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm live from The Address, Dubai Marina Hotel.

The skilled worker event is tailor-fit for Senior Carers, Registered Nurses, and Skilled Workers – this where they could get their answers questioned regarding their UK migration goals.

IANS Group will also be sharing the stories of Princess Jo, Kurotimi, and Uchit – three of their 400 success stories in 2021 alone. These three inspiring individuals will share how IANS Group became their key to success to begin their journey in the UK.

All these, along with the opportunity to get connected and achieve long-term stability and security, await participants in this powerful event.

Filipinos interested to attend the one-day skilled worker event can contact:

WhatsApp: +971 58 533 2508




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