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Former taxi driver in Dubai wins AED 20 million with Big Ticket

A Dubai-based expat bagged Big Ticket’s AED 20 million grand prize, making him the fourth person to win from the fourth Mighty Millionaire series.

Mr. Renjith Somarajan from India is the newest millionaire who won with ticket number 349886

Mr. Somarajan who resides in Dubai was called last July 3 by Richard, Bouchra and special guest Kris Fade to inform him about his winnings.

Mr. Renjith Somarajan is currently living in Dubai with his wife and one son and used to work as a taxi driver in Dubai Taxi company since 2008 but lost his job last year in 2020.

Big Ticket July 2021 winner 2

Only last month Mr. Renjith Somarajan got a new job and he was in the middle of processing the work visa to start working this August.

He has been purchasing Big Ticket for the past 3 years and only recently decided to join a Big Ticket purchasing group with his friends. Mr. Renjith Somarajan purchased this month’s Big Ticket in his name but shared with his 9 friends. This is the second month where we’ve had a group of friends purchase together.

Mr. Renjith Somarajan was coming from Hatta with his wife and son when Richard announced the Big Ticket number. His wife was connecting to the live draw in the car and when he heard his name, he immediately stopped when they realized that he had won. While they were celebrating he received the call from Richard and realized that he was the lucky 20 Million winner.

In his own words, he said “ I always believed one day I would win and today it happened. Never give up and have faith. Sharing is caring and it also brings luck. Thank you Big Ticket for changing my life.”

Congratulations to our Big Ticket series 229 Grand Prize 20 Million Dirham winner Mr. Renjith Somarajan and all the Big Ticket series 229 winners.

As we take pride in changing lives for the better, Big Ticket’s priority is to always to surprise and excite our customers and this month, we did just that with the introduction of 3 new millionaires, 4 Facebook game winners and launched a new car Mercedes Benz C200 Coupe for the first time.

We were so honored to have our special guest Kris Fade from Virgin Radio join us as a life changer on tonight’s show and host the show with Richard and Bouchra. All hosts gave away extra cash prizes to Facebook winners via The Vault and Beat the Buzzer games. Stay tuned to Big Ticket social media platforms for all the latest updates from tonight’s draw.

Below is the list of prizes and winners for the Big Ticket Series 229 draw

Prize Amount Winner Details Ticket Number Nationality
Dream Car BMW Seeni Shaheek 014900 Indian
Grand Prize  AED 20 000 000 Renjith Somarajan 349886 Indian
2nd Prize  AED 3 000 000 Rance Mathews 355820 India
3rd Prize  AED 1 000 000 Jesemin Qolbi ZEIN 006368 Indonesian
4th Prize  AED 100 000 Sant Kumar Rai 106548 Indian
5th Prize  AED80 000 Vazhappilli  Rajan Menon 000122 Indian
6th Prize  AED 50 000 Maria Cecilia King 180461 Philippines

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