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Dhaba Lane: Transforming traditional Indian cuisine with modern techniques

The Indian community in the UAE comprises the largest population of expats, with over 2.62 million living and working around the country. This is why many Indian cafeterias and restaurants are commonplace in the country to satisfy their cravings for Indian cuisine.

However, a new restaurant is taking this concept to the next level – catering not only to the Indian community but is introducing traditional cuisines from South Asia with modern techniques for the whole world to enjoy!

Dhaba Lane features contemporary, Dhaba-styled cuisines with their time-tested recipes that capture the essence of delicious and freshly-prepared meals.

We visited their newly-opened branch located at Garhoud in Dubai – and here are some of the many menu items that we had a chance to experience:

Puranni Dilli Papdi Chaat. Dhaba Lane prepares diners with several flour chips that are fried and crispy to the palate with flavored with chilled yogurt, chutney and spices to excite your senses.

Shabnam Ke Moti. Another delicious starter you should miss are these mushroom caps roasted in tandoor flavors and filled with more cheese within them.

Murg Par Luft. Imagine Chickken Tikka – but in a more elevated presentation and a more sensational taste as this is filled with cheese and creamy butter flavors!

Dhaba Tandoori Murgh. You know you’re getting a delicious meal if the restaurant names its dish after its own identity. The Dhaba Tnadoori Murgh boasts a harmony of flavors owing to Dhaba Lane’s marinate of ‘secret spices. Each bite of this chicken produces delicious umammi with a crisp skin.

Chicken Tikka masala. Those who opt for a more traditional dish would never go wrong with this boneless chicken meal.

Paneer Makhni. Cheese has never tasted so good! Diners will definitely enjoy this slow cooked cottage cheese that’s mixed with tomatoes, cream, and butter.

Dal Dhaba Double Tadka (in well). Dhaba Lane’s second dish that bears its name is a recreation of the famous Delhi Punjab highway style Yellow lentil that is very savory with a distinct hint of spice to the taste!

Dum Chicken Biryani with Raita. If you’re craving for the traditional Biryani, Dhaba Lane whips up a delicious Chicken Biryani that’s available in a combo with raita, salad, and shikanji as well!

Dhaba Lane came into being in 2017 with a refreshing modern take on Dhaba style delicacies. Offering a casual dining atmosphere, the menu pays loving homage to the Indian Dhabas that are part of the fabric of life in India.

Located in Karama and more recetly, in Garhoud, this new addition to the creative culinary scene in Dubai is the one stop destination for ‘Desi’ meaning local flavours of India.

Offering guests, the taste that they crave from distinct parts of India, this urban roadside shack or ‘Dhaba’ is the new quintessential eating culture in Dubai.

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