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Savor unique flavors of Hindustan, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan at Sthan Dubai

Dubai isn’t just a place that celebrates diversity in its populace. Over the years, it has also transformed to a haven for the world’s cuisines – from east to west.

One unique concept that has been introduced to Dubai is a restaurant that brings the cuisines of Hindustan, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan under one roof.

Sthan Dubai serves delicious, iconic dishes from these countries right here in Dubai so that residents no longer need to travel overseas to get a taste of authentic dishes.

The restaurant’s name ‘Sthan’ means ‘a place’ in Sanskrit – and Sthan Dubai serves up attractive, mouth-watering meals that essentially define the restaurant as a ‘place for the best frontier food’

Here are our top picks from their menu.

Kadak Palak Chaat. Sthan serves up several Spinach fritters that give a crispy texture with each bite, mixed in with spiced potato mash and topped with chutney and pomegranate. This gives a mix of sweet and spicy flavors, perfect for appetizers.

Bhatti Chicken Tandoori. Tender pieces of oven-roasted chicken served up with Sthan’s signature rustic peppers and spices, with their Sthan’s signature ‘Bhatti’ masala. This gives that delicious fusion of spice and savory taste to every bite.

Mirchi Peanut Gobhi. Cauliflower lovers will definitely love this dish that spices up their favorite vegetable with a green chili-peanut chutney and mixed with crushed peanuts.

Achari Tikka Masala. Diners who prefer to have a taste of the classic masala will enjoy Sthan’s rendition of the iconic dish, which’s best enjoyed with crisp butter naan.

Biryani Awadh Ki. When this arrives at your table, you immediately smell the delicious fragrance of the chicken and rice that was cooked with special awadhi spices, zaffran with subtle hints of rose water. The chicken is cooked really tender and will have you scooping another spoonful of rice

Experience ‘Food Beyond Borders’ from countries such as Hindustan, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan at Sthan Dubai located at Al Karama in Dubai near the Karama Central Post Office and Civil Defence Station Al Karama. Find Sthan Dubai on Facebook.

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