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Quick-and-easy Pinoy favorite meal ideas for unMEAT’s burger patties from breakfast to dinner

One of the most delicious and flexible meat items that Filipinos have grown to love is the burger, particularly its patties.

Filipinos have thought of different ways to prepare the humble burger patties into a variety of dishes, perfect any time of the day.

And now, unMEAT’s plant-based, meat-free rendition of the burger patty will now allow Filipinos and UAE residents to enjoy the taste of classic burger patty minus the guilt of consuming actual meat!

Here are the top ideas to prepare unMEAT’s burger patties:


Breakfast or Lunch: Burgersilog (Burger, Egg and Fried Rice)

Whenever Filipinos hear about ‘silog’ meals, they immediately know what to expect and how to prepare this combo meal that is usually served for breakfast. For unMEAT’s burgersilog – all they have to do is fry the burger patty until it’s golden brown, fry your egg, and stir-fry yesterday’s ‘bahaw’ or cooked rice along with some garlic and oil for their sinangag (fried rice) and they can immediately enjoy the burgersilog to energize them for the day ahead! They can also substitute sinangag with sinaing (plain steamed rice) if you’re prepping this meal for lunch.

Lunch or Snack: The Classic Burger

Best enjoyed with your hands, this burger meal is one that’s popular all around the world. Just prepare two slices of your bread of choice, preferably burger buns. Place your fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onion and place your unMEAT burger patty in between. You can even add more unMEAT burger patties as you please!

Lunch or Dinner: Burger Steak

Imagine freshly grilled or fried burgers – with a delicious seasoned gravy sauce on top! Filipinos can now prepare unMEAT’s burger patties by either frying or grilling them to their preferences, and while that’s getting done on the side, you can now prepare your mushroom gravy sauce as well! All you have to do is melt butter on a saucepan, and place all-purpose flour and blend these ingredients as your base. Add water and mix them and for flavor – you can add onion powder, garlic powder, ground black pepper, as well as a chicken broth cube and a beef broth cube! Finally, add thinly sliced button mushrooms to complete your sauce.

unMEAT is made to taste, look, cook and feel like meat. It’s 100% made entirely from plants and non-GMO ingredients. Rich in fiber and a good source of protein, unMEAT, launched by Century Pacific Food from the Philippines, is free from preservatives, eggs, and cholesterol. It’s meat without the guilt!

unMEAT will be exclusively distributed in the UAE by Shankar Trading Company LLC (STC) – a major importer and distributor of FMCG products in the UAE.

Shankar Trading Company wishes the Filipino Community in the UAE a festive 123rd Philippine Independence Day. STC affirms its commitment to continue bringing top quality products from the Philippines that OFWs and their families here in the UAE will surely enjoy.

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