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West Zone welcomes Ramadan 2021 with promotions on staple needs for Filipinos, UAE residents

UAE has officially announced that Ramadan has begun as of April 13, and both Filipinos and UAE residents have welcomed the holy month with optimism and solemn prayers.

West Zone Supermarket joins the Filipino and the entire UAE community in their part to ensure that each home has enough food and supplies so that no one will get hungry during this period.

This is why they have recently launched their ‘Wow deals’ Ramadan promotions with staple items that individuals need in time for Ramadan – here’s a few choices to select from.

Dates. Each home can now enjoy the UAE’s freshest dates, perfect for breaking their fast during Iftar.

Sweets. Filipinos who enjoy a delicious, sweet snack can now select from West Zone’s goods on sale, perfect for sharing with family and friends in the spirit of the Ramadan season.

Rice. No Filipino home is ever complete without a sack of rice – and West Zone ensures sufficient supply of affordable, delicious rice across all of their stores.

Egg. This staple product in your kitchen serves as a viand and an ingredient to mix with your other recipes this Ramadan.

Canned goods. West Zone has brought canned goods of well-known brands all the way from the Philippines for Filipinos here in the UAE to enjoy including Purefoods Corned Beef, Ligo Sardines, and Nestle Cream to name a few.

Laban. One of the drinks that Filipinos have grown to love here in the UAE is Laban, known for its distinct taste and huge nutritional value.

Coconut Water. Filipinos love the refreshing taste of coconuts as it keeps them hydrated and reminds them of home.

Coffee. This drink helps Filipinos stay alert from morning to help them get that much-needed boost for the day.

Tea. Filipinos who opt to skip coffee but still wish to enjoy a warm drink often resort to enjoying tea as an alternative.

Selecta Ice Cream. Enjoy a fulfilling dessert to every meal with a scoop of the iconic Selecta Ice Cream – a brand that’s loved and well-known by majority of Filipinos for its delicious creamy taste.

Stay updated with West Zone on their social media as they will soon be opening more branches this 2021!


Instagram: @westzonesupermarket

Twitter: @WestZoneUAE


Shoppers can also get updates through WhatsApp by sending ‘addme’ to 056 403 8008.

They can also reach West Zone to get the latest promotions and WOW deals through their App available on the Apple App Store or Google Play on Android: West Zone Supermarkets.

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