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Maximize your dirham exchange with yallarate

Majority of Filipino expats here in the UAE work hard to provide financial support for their families in need back in the Philippines. This is why they are always in search for the best money exchange and remittance rates to extend their hard-earned dirhams every month.

Now, Filipinos can get optimal rates for their remittances with yallarate – a new innovative app that highlights and guides its users with the current best rates within their fingertips.

yallarate is a hub where Filipinos can check the latest exchange rate across several money exchange houses near them. This way, they can get the best quotes so they can see exactly how much they will be transferring to their families in the Philippines with real time conversion from UAE Dirhams to Philippine Peso.

In addition, expats – most especially tourists who are holding different currencies who wish to convert theirs to UAE Dirham can also get amazing rates for their cash.

Another unique added feature that yallarate has is that it provides a rate confirmation and locates the nearest exchange house to your location, making it even more convenient for users of the app.

Filipinos who are in search of promotions before they remit their money can also benefit from yallarate’s listing of the latest promotions across exchange houses around the country – so that they too could get a chance to win or save dirhams every time they send their remittances.

yallarate is your all-in-one app hub for your money exchange rate requirements. So whether you’re looking to remit your dirhams to peso or are searching to convert your foreign currency to Dirhams, yallarate provides the convenience you need to think less about comparing rates, and more about maximizing the dirhams you earn here in the UAE.

Download the yallarate app here:



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