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Big Ticket launches ‘Valentine’s Bonanza with chance to win two extra tickets for AED 12 million draw

As the month of love progresses, Big Ticket never seizes to amaze and create more opportunities for their loyal customers to turn their dreams into reality, Valentine’s Bonanza is here with a bang!!!!!

Big Ticket has just launched a Valentine’s Bonanza for the first time ever in Big ticket history , Big Ticket is coming to you with a great valentine offer what a better way to celebrate this love week than giving your loved ones chances to be the next Big Ticket millionaire .Valentine’s Bonanza will be launched from 14th February (00:00am) to 16th February(11:59pm) . Make it a date to purchase the Big Ticket on Buy 2 get 1 Free offer during this valentine’s Bonanza period and be amongst the 12 lucky winners who stands a chance to win a pair of Big Tickets for our Dream 12 million remember Big Ticket will not be making only one millionaire this month but 2 millionaires with 4 extra cash prizes plus a dream car .

The Dream 12 Million promotion has TWO GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRES, one winner will take away the whopping grand prize of AED12 million, followed by a 2nd prize of AED1 million, plus four extra cash prizes and a Dream Car promotion prize. We have increased the chances for you to be one of the millionaire’s team by bringing the Valentine’s Bonanza this week. There is no better way to celebrate the love month than with the winning Big Ticket millionaires’ team.

“The Dream 12 Million Big Ticket Valentine’s Bonanza Promotion Mechanics

1. “The Dream 12 Million ” Big Ticket Valentine’s Bonanza Promotion will run from:
Sunday 14th February (00.00am)– Tuesday 16th February (11.59pm).
i. Promotion will officially open at 00:00am on 14th February 2021
ii. Promotion will officially close at 11.59pm on 16th February 2021
2. All players of Big Ticket who purchase the offer of 2+1 during the promo period automatically qualify for the electronic draw and stands a chance to win 2 more free ticket for the Dream 12 Million to be held on the 3rd of March.
3. 12 winners will be drawn on the 17th of February 2021 they will be automatically selected via an electronic raffle draw. Winner to be announced by Big Ticket on social media and website at 5pm
4. Each of the 12 x winners will receive 2 extra Big Tickets.
5. Winners will be contacted via the phone number they provided when they made the purchase of their qualifying tickets
6. Big Ticket will continue to reach customers to verify information for the ticket until 11 PM only on the draw day (27th February).
7. Unreachable winners will automatically have their prize tickets forfeited.
8. Prize tickets are generated via the raffle system and will be dropped to the drum in the same manner as the rest of the tickets bought from the website.
9. Copies of the prize tickets will be sent to all winners via email.
10. Big Ticket management reserves the right to terminate or cancel the validity of the prize tickets when deemed necessary.

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