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Amazing beauty products from 6Skins OFWs can buy to get world-class skin

The need to look presentable at all times is why many Filipinas across the UAE just can’t resist the thought of buying different kinds of cosmetics or and beauty products. But for many of them, it’s hard to pick the perfect items that will guarantee a natural-looking skin—those that can make it look as if they just came from a day of pampering at the spa.

With 6Skins’s award-winning SNAILWHITE and Purito product line, however, Filipinos in the UAE no longer need to worry about looking like a perfect 10. Their features showcase utmost standards and quality, a reason they have captured the hearts of many consumers. What’s more? Well, these products from 6Skins are offered at sensible prices!


Made with naturally extracted ingredients, SNAILWHITE products offer a luxe experience with its new sensorial textures and innovative packaging. It aims to target specific beauty concerns, offering benefit-based components tailor fit for the Filipina skin type.


This vegan-friendly line from South Korea helps relieve compromised skin and restore skin health through its natural ingredients that possess no artificial fragrance and preservatives. Its main ingredient is Centella Asiatica, which is best known to soothe skin and strengthen skin barrier!

If you want to achieve that glowing skin you’ve always yearned for, buy your SNAILWHITE and Purito products from 6Skins now! The emirate’s go-to website for women with different skin tones and skin types for its world-class tanning, brightening, and anti-aging products.

Visit to shop for your beauty regimen products.

Alternatively, you may visit their Instagram and Facebook page @6skinsuae.

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