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The best beauty regimen for Filipinos, guaranteed by 6Skins

It is no secret that Filipinos are committed to their beauty regimen. Having said that, they will not compromise their skin for anything that is merely affordable or easy to purchase.

For a lot of Filipinos, especially in the UAE, cost-efficient brands that provide quality products are what will keep them coming back for more.

Fortunately, Filipinos won’t have to look further with the arrival of 6Skins. With 6Skins, customers will finally attain the skin tone of their choice without lowering their standard.

With products hand-picked by its in-house beauty curator, 6Skins offer a wide range of beauty brands for Dubai’s multicultural women at sensible prices.


This Thai brand from Namu Life is one of the most recognizable skincare brands in the Philippines, especially after it first gained prominence due to the endorsement of Ms. Kris Aquino. The actress noted that her favourite SNAILWHITE product is Whipp Soap.

With its philosophy “Beauty is Heathy”, the company believes that true beauty is a result of internal treatment, a reason it is focused on skin restoration in order to allow women to shine naturally. This is also the reason its products comprise ingredients that are naturally and meticulously sourced from all over the world.

Namu’s SNAILWHITE products, use snail mucin as a main ingredient. This component stimulates and promotes collagen production for skin elasticity, as well as reduces the signs of aging.


Looking for a cruelty-free vegan beauty product? 6Skins got you covered! Purito, hailing from South Korea, is a brand that uses only vegan and natural ingredients in its products—helping the skin to go back to basics to relieve compromised skin barrier function and restore skin health.

The brand won the 2019 Award of Amazon Top Korean Brand.

A Dubai-based entity committed to upholding the highest standards of beauty, Six Skins Health and Beauty DMCC or 6Skins is the emirate’s go-to website for women with different skin tones and skin types for its world-class tanning, brightening, and anti-aging products.

It has captured the hearts of its consumers because of its award-winning cosmetic line that has proven to provide great results.

If you want to achieve that glowing skin you’ve always yearned for, buy your own products from 6Skins now!

Visit to shop for your beauty regimen products.

Alternatively, you may visit their Instagram and Facebook page @6skinsuae.

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