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Big Ticket: Making dreams come true one draw at a time

One of the dreams of many Filipinos how regularly join the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket is to wait for that moment when they get that life-changing call and hear both Richard Isaac and Bouchra on the other end of the line.

Richard says that he fondly remembers the excitement and exhilarating feelings of Filipino winners when he calls them up to inform them that they have just won millions of dirhams.

“I love the reactions we get from our Filipino winners! These are some of my most memorable! I still remember the excited scream from Annabel Manalastas our AED12 Million winner last December!,” said Richard who has been calling up winners of the UAE’s biggest raffle draw since 2006.

Bouchra shares that sharing the good news spreads not only positivity but hope for all winners who can now give their families better lives as they continue to live here in the UAE – especially for Filipinos as she said that it feels that they always hear someone’s dream come true to life.

“The Filipinos have a very special reaction to our call…which I adore, as I remember the reactions of the two Filipinos winners from last year: Marelie David the 10 millions winner and Annabelle the 12 million winner – the shock, the screams the laughter it was a splendid call reaction. Unforgettable!,” said Bouchra.

Transforming lives for the better

Richard recalls that since he started calling out lucky winners, Big Ticket has created an opportunity for the winners to start anew here in the UAE with their new found fortune, which is why Big Ticket has always been such a huge hit among the masses.

“I think it’s because it has changed the lives of so many people over the years and has the biggest jackpot prizes that we guarantee to give away each month without roll-overs! Our live shows (prior to Covid) also proved extremely popular with many of the audience taking part in the draw by being ‘life changers’ and helping me pick the winning tickets!”

Bouchra hopes that more Filipinos and expats will join in the fun to get their chance to grab and win it all for next month’s huge draw of AED12 million.

“As the saying goes: ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ On behalf of all the Big Ticket team, I wish you best of luck,” said Bouchra.

The ticket price for the Big-Ticket Millionaire is AED 500 inclusive of VAT, and if you buy two tickets, a third ticket will be given absolutely free.

In addition to the Big-Ticket Millionaire prize draws, there are a range of Dream Car Promotions in which customers can purchase tickets for the chance to win amazing car Jeep at from a purchase of AED 150

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